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Dear Readers,

I am glad to be writing to you yet again. We are already into the third issue of Vol.41 and quite remarkably managing to turn around the response from contributors to ijper. I did mention last time regarding the unsatisfactory standard of articles being received at our editorial office. But off-late our members have realized the importance of publishing good articles thereby making a collective effort in popularizing the journal towards the impact factor. I am sure with the publication of good articles in the coming days we should achieve our twin goals and objectives laid down earlier of obtaining the impact factor for ijper, as well as receiving articles from our overseas counterparts.

We would like to clear all the articles received prior to December 2006 by the end of the current year. In view of several constraints, ijper could publish a limited number of articles per issue during the earlier years. To place on record, ijper published about 43 articles during the calendar year 2006. We have been constantly receiving a number of suggestions from our members to enhance the size of ijper to encompass many more articles in each issue. We do agree with our member friends, and have been pushing through hard with our advisory board to set a standard of a minimum number of 100 pages with about 25 articles per issue. This will enable us to throw light on the papers with very short incubation time and also create an opportunity for many of our readers to publish their research work or share their collection of concepts through review articles. We would certainly like to reduce the waiting period for all the submitted articles.

With 2008 fast approaching, and to assist our contributors in designing articles to match the journal style exactly, the current issue has a detailed section on ‘ijper-Instruction to Authors 2008’. The same shall also be made available on the ijper web-site too. The authors are advised to strictly follow the instructions for avoiding unnecessary rejection of articles by referees and undue delay in publishing such papers. Further, the authors should strictly refrain from sending articles that have already been published in other journals.

The launch of the web-based manuscript handling system was put on hold, in view of designing the proposed ‘ijper-Instruction to Authors 2008’. We would like to customize all the sections as per the required format; thereby the author of the paper automatically prepares the soft copy of the article on the ijper- web based manuscript handling system themselves.


Dr Mueen Ahmed KK
Editor-in-Chief, ijper


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